Australia fires: hazard of more excessive weather conditions leaves folks unsure irrespective of whether to flee or remain

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Men and women striving to flee the blazes on the south-east coastline are stuck in queues as site visitors and additional fires block routes, with numerous many others uncertain whether or not to go away with intense temperature forecast above weekend

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  1. I went backpacking around Australia in 2002, its such an amazing place and I love the Ozzy people.

    Terrible what is happening

    Stay safe, best wishes from England UK ????????

  2. Cant be that serious if the Australian government blew up the equivalent of 40 fire trucks in a 15minute new years eve fireworks show of go f£@k yourselves

  3. So why is the government making things worse by approving more coal mines and giving away water rights.
    Fossil fuels are fueling extreme weather events. How hot and dry does Australia have to get before people react.

  4. Why no reporting on the trillions of gallons of water being horded by fracking companies, corporations and politicians? Its almost like you have an agenda to pretend this is due to manmade climate change