August in China: Floods, Mudslides, Typhoons, and Summer Snow | Excessive Climate | Epoch News

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Two months of torrential rains have led to large flooding throughout the Yangtze, Yellow, and Huai rivers. The Huai River is a big river found about halfway in between Yangtze and Yellow rivers, the two largest rivers in China.

In Sichuan Province, 22 rivers have exceeded their flood warning degrees. On Aug. 18, for the first time in background, area authorities issued a Level 1 flood warn, the highest stage flood emergency response.

Floods in Longnan City of Gansu Province in northwest China submerged 300 residences, and induced numerous mudslides.

In the meantime, many locations across China have professional summer snows, from the southernmost province Hainan, to Beijing in the north, to Xinjiang in northwest. On Aug. 16, in the Qilian Mountain location of Qinghai Province, summer time turned into wintertime in a blink of an eye when temperature suddenly dropped from 61ºF to 28ºF and snowflakes started off to fall from the sky. Local meteorological team pointed out it experienced never snowed in August in the past.

This is the seventh summer time snow in China this 12 months.

In addition, typhoon Higos, the seventh this year, designed landfall at close to 6 a.m. on Aug. 20 in Zhuhai Town of south China’s Guangdong Province, with a most wind drive of 78 mph near its eye, according to China’s Nationwide Meteorological Centre.

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  1. Xi Jin Ping, you want the South China Sea? Here is your own backyard of the South China Sea. No Nine dash lines, it's all yours to keep. By the way, open your door WIDE to welcome the FLOOD. Requested by your supreme leader Xi Jin Pig.

  2. The JUDGE is passing a little Judgement on the people of China, REPENT, I say REPENT for your sins against JESUS and His children. Turn from your sins and believe that Jesus Christ is LORD

  3. you are so right im very angry at ccp very angry indeed get ready ccp its about to get worse then the world can imagine and for every disaster i give china the world will know i am back

  4. sad. unlucky. China and Chinese Communism wanted to establish a huge empire. And technology under dictatorship with animal rights. Now the poor thing they will be an underwater empire. but. It's for the better. A water empire in abundance is better than a dry empire. Now there are also no viruses, everything is pure power !!!

  5. This is Trump Keeping china fucked up while we deal with the antifa herd! Weather war is a real thing, they have been doing it to is but they don't have the capability THE U.S.A does.

  6. truly God is watching. Chinese people not just the CCP need to reflect on their actions. Recently, two Chinese nationals were deported from Manila, Philippines for selling illegal products with business address: "Manila, Province of People's Republic of China", and fishing illegally in the waters of Ecuador….shameless people.

  7. How is GOD punishing the Chinese for the covid 19 where as it has been around the world for a while now… look it up on some videos on you tube… and a so-called prediction from the sampsons show clearly showing pandemic sent in a box from asia… and you tube and the sampsons are american… how do they know so long before… including kobe bryant… Floyd… predictions or programming

  8. 100 thousand dead so far? Report on what happens next .. available drinking water … eliminated crops, drought in north and locust … God doesn’t approve of the CCP!



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