Arizona Wildfires / Puerto Rico Earthquakes / Extraordinary Climate Ontario / Argentina STORMS

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June 22, 2021 #puertorico #earthquakes #worldweather
#arizona #wildfires / Puerto Rico Earthquakes / Severe Weather conditions Ontario / #argentina STORMS

5 Day not so ordinary Planet Temperature forecast. Furthermore a seem at #spaceweather for now.
Earthquakes for now. Hottest on disaster Alerts and Volcanic Exercise
Everyday Events Globally
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  1. Good morning from Maine
    We've been having strange extremes in weather patterns, tornado warnings 3 separate days, in northern Maine (extremely rare for us) – increased heat/humidity, random thunderstorms or rain and then a cold front moved in 2 days ago, low of 48 overnight – daytime high still near 80! The clouds move by quickly, when we have any clouds (sky is a different blue, more like California sky) and the sun is bright white. Definitely see and feel alit of changes happening. I've been noticing this with the sky for past year, however seems to intensify more past couple months

  2. Are you American? I’ve never heard someone say Newfoundland like that except out of towners? (New-found-land vs. New-fun-lund

  3. Good morning Mike 🌅

    Yesterday was pleasant and warm but not too hot: 22.2 C (72 F) but the nights are chilly. The cooler air must be getting to my neighbors in the building as I don't hear their AC running anymore and they LOVE the AC!! I never use AC and my apartment is hovering between 16.66 to 17.7 C (62 to 64 F). Been that way for a awhile now.

    I woke up last night at 1 am and I noticed something really weird. Its the middle of the night but it wasnt dark outside at all! I could see the individual branches on the one dead park tree, I could see different layers of the clouds that had different shades (color) to them. See the silhouettes of the leaves on the other trees. See the cars parked in the parking lot below my window. And the few lights that were on the poles by the lot were OFF. About a mile away I could see the blinking red lights on the radio and TV towers but that was the only actual lights I see. My window faces a big park – natural area so no real "lights" (not a ballpark). So I dont understand why it wasnt dark outside. I think this has been going on for awhile now but I just never really paid it much attention or thought about it. And then when I noticed it, it really bugged me as I couldn't understand why it was so light out at 1 am!

    I remember back in 2016 or 2017 when I had lived a bit south of my current spot I had gone outside at like 11 pm in summer to take photos at night as an experiment. That was also by a big park. But it was pitch black and the only thing I could photograph was the yellow glowing light on the street post in the alley by my neighbors garage!! The night was BLACK!!

    Not any more..

    Do you know why?? Is this related to the thing that has changed the jet streams? You said something had come down lower and the jet stream couldn't get over the mountains anymore.

    Milwaukee WI

  4. Lots of stuff coming out on the 'Jab" Have heard stories but now coming from competent people. Seems that for now things have quieted down weather wise. Take care!

  5. Four seasons, 3 month's to each seasons.
    U know they adjust summer and winter times to fit their commercial shopping habits on Tele.
    They will tell ya summers only just started or make it last longer just to sell burgers and booze.
    Got a great dislike for them barbeque summer head party animals me.
    Remember it is said "God will pity them for their gardens" but I'm like fuk the unaware cuz if they daft then they daft, nowt we can do to change them.
    The summer rituals are mad!!!!

  6. 42f early morning temp here today.
    Bloody cold that for this time of year.
    Massive night time drop in fact.
    Usually not that cold on a summers night.
    Clear skies tho so shud warm up quick but even so if it goes to 70f that's almost a 30 degree difference.
    Cold nights like that gotta be causing plant retardations.
    I've seen people's saying plants seem to be just running to seed real quick which tells me they in survival mode. Plants are trying to adapt rapid.
    Many don't believe plants have and are intelligent.
    Keep prepping for winter cuz I think plants are.
    My own acclimatized potatoes look like healthy plants this year on the top but won't know how theyve done till dug up.
    Leaving most my spuds in the ground come harvest so the naturalize even more next year, some call it the Irish method of growing spuds.



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