Approaching Extraordinary Sample… Arctic Blast, Intense Weather, Serious Weather

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  2. So who likes roller coasters? It seems to me mother nature loves them based on this weather pattern. Best part is I think the ride won't end for a while.

  3. Here is what ? I think ? will happen this summer first June 2021 will be hotter than normal July 2021 will be slightly cooler than normal and august 2021 will definitely be hotter than normal and September 2021 looks to be warmer than normal as well as far as for rain ? rain ? fall should be around normal and there you have it my weather forecast for summer and September 2021

  4. Yuck, it is 53 degrees here in Western PA, and it feels like a rainforest outside. Also, it won't hit 70 degrees until Sunday the 16th. I'm tired of these warmer early springs and the cooler mid-spring weather around here. It's supposed to be the other way around at least to some extent. In early March, the snow falls came to a halt for nearly a whole month, then in early April it snowed again. Then in mid to late April it was consistently in the low to mid 70's. Now, here we are in early May and it is in the low 50's, give me a break. The winter's are no different. Rapid temperature changes up and down within any 10 day stretch. It is in the 20's and 30's sometimes and the 40's and 50's other times. With the occasional teens or sixties day. I have decided summer is the only consistent season around here. This is the only season you can count on for 75 degree or higher days. Unlike winter where I can't count on it being 35 degrees or lower.

  5. Regardless of how you define "Arctic Blast", I, for one, favor this cooler weather, and wish it would stay longer. Once the persistent warm/hot weather arrives, it will be difficult to break until sometime in Autumn. That's months of miserable heat and humidity that can be bad for people with asthma and other respiratory problems (including yours truly). In addition, hotter weather means more bugs, more severe weather, more tropical cyclones, and more heat-related deaths (notably hot car deaths). I'm NOT looking forward to all of that misery.

  6. People need to realize that as the average temps rise into the summer, the below average temps also get higher. I think Ohio will have a average to slightly above average summer with a couple cool days early on(nothing major maybe upper 60s).

  7. Strong confidence in this forecast. No trend for a flow from the Gulf of Mexico into Eastern US to warm things up. This pattern will hang around for a while.

  8. i really hope that the cold air comes to maryland love cold weather no offense but of course western maryland will get something i feel it they always do in my opinion and hopefully this cold air becomes more potent in my opinion we all have our opinions and we are all human and have different values just stating my opinion and may god bless each and everyone of you and i hope you all have a good rest of your day

  9. I am certain this will be the hottest summer any of us, including our parents, have seen in our lifetime. The west coast will be pulverized by drought and the San Andreas fault is going to begin it's breakdown. By 2030 81% of California will be underwater. I have been verified through the Galactic Federation of Light and so I know this to be true. Weather+Karma has had her eye on the west coast since America took over and tainted all soil. Namaste ?

  10. I don't understand why you continue to say "arctic blast" and extreme weather. I live in Ohio. Yes its colder than normal but nothing at all extreme or arctic. Just cooler than normal.

  11. In Maine I don't put out any plants that can't deal with frosty weather. May 15th is as early as possible to plant seed that is frost sensitive. May 30th is the time to place houseplants outside. Maine is a cold state.

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