Apollo Astronaut Breaks In Tears: “The Moon Is NOT What You Think!”

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  1. Where Aldrin said he saw something outside as they were desending to the moon's surface, I could see that being real, but I don't think it was Alien. The Russians could have had a probe up there to watch and see if the U.S. actually landed on the moon. Remember we were in a race with the Soviet Union to be the first. An unmanned ship with cameras could have been sent by them. Likely did send something.

  2. Might have been a supernatural being in space coz in Islam, we believe the shooting stars are the jinns being killed by the angels as the assemble in the lowest part of heaven.

  3. The scientists and experts at NASA have this guilt in them knowing it was a big lie but have to go along with it and they pushing to want to see us actually land on the moon the second time wink wink , so they can finally rest their guilt continence and stop telling lies to the public