Apocalyptic! intense temperature all over the entire world from 27_28 Could 2021 ⚠️ ???️

Apocalyptic! extreme temperature close to the world from 27_28 May perhaps 2021 ⚠️ ???️

00:00 landspout twister hits Kütahya, Turkey
01:21 landspout Twister in northwest Saudi Arabia
01:36 Potent winds hit Altai Krai location, Russia
02:27 Bizarre weather phenomenon in San Antonio , Chile
03:12 chile: Intensive tides have been recorded in recent several hours in Rapa Nui
05:38 Additional rainbows in Texas, United states of america
06:44 turkey: mucilage coated the shores of the Marmara
10:37 DR Congo orders evacuation in eruption hit Goma

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