Amanda talks extreme weather on the Daily Edition

Our CEO Amanda McKenzie joins Monique Wright and Tom Williams to talk about what could be causing the severity of hot days and storms in Australia. —

After thousands of Australians chipped in to Australia’s biggest crowd-funding campaign, the abolished Climate Commission has relaunched as the new, independent Climate Council.

We exist to provide independent, authoritative climate change information to the Australian public. Why? Because our response to climate change should be based on the best science available.

We’re a fast growing group of people made up of expert Councillors, staff, volunteers and supporters. Together we are doing everything we can to spread independent and accurate information on climate change.

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  1. This is the perfect interview; it's about thirty years too late, but certainly better late than never. 
    Come on Aussies, listen to your young people and others with real smarts like Amanda McKenzie and Climate Councilors!