Alarming report on South Asia Heatwave: &#39Extraordinary temperature owing to weather alter&#39 | English News

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The effect of local weather change is currently being felt close to the environment. In South Asia, document-breaking temperatures are staying claimed in most locations. Now, an alarming report on South Asia Heatwave warns that heatwave will be much more regular in the future.

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  1. Didn’t think you guys would jump on the climate change band wagon. Maybe you should do some research and actual reporting on the geo-engineering that’s causing this extreme weather. Let’s see if you are puppets scripted to say what you say or if you genuinely have investigative reporters. 🤔

  2. Its disgusting how india is one of the worlds biggest polluters and they just dont care. the skies are suppost to be blue not GREY! Clean up your act India!

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  5. COME ON MAN climate alarmist again you just said it yourself this heat happens once every 2000 years then it goes away and the alarmist have nothing to say then get over it


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  7. People keep saying climate change, it is time to believe God's Word who declared all these things long ago stating it is wrath being poured out for repentance and judgement. If only we would all listen to the only living Holy God of Israel and let Yehoshua lead us He would bring healing and shalom

  8. This is just a crock of crap, and lies. Climate changes that is just a fact of life. Notice they no longer call it Global warming. In the 1970 it was carbon was causing the new ice age when that didn't happen they changed to Global warming and when that did not happen they just went to Climate Change you can't go wrong with that because if it cools it is climate change then when it gets warmer it is climate change. This is just fear mongering to get your money there is no government grants if there is no disaster pending.

  9. It's fair to say we are stuck between a rock and a hard place what comes with the Paris agreemen will be of no environmental benefit too the planet, will only accelerate damage it also = Greener deals which = an individual carbon credit score with harsh unrealistic settings cbdc's Which means full blown dictatorship on movement opinion and control of finances its all pretty awful and tbh not a world I want to be in when we are cut off or sanctioned like whats happening in China who do we contact to resolve or dispute? a machine?👎🤣 We are absolutely screwed!

  10. Alright, so if we blame climate change on the assumption of human activity, then how many Indians must be eliminated for the good of the "Earth"? Even if we decide to eliminate 25% of all humans from every country, how many Indians will that be? Or Chinese or Yankees or Europeons or Africans for that matter. And remember…all this is being hyped by wealthy people who flew in their private jets to attend the WEF conference this week.

  11. How to solve the global warming .it is only discussion and discussion and discussion no immediate solutions or late solutions .
    The knowledge without utilisation it is foolish philosophy and to suffer every countries .



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