Alarming Disasters and Extreme Climate in China Viral Corn Movie Raises Food items Issues

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Spots in Eastern China were being evacuated over storm warnings, and it could impression pieces of Zhejiang, Fujian, Shanghai, and somewhere else. Chinese condition media experiences that the Ministry of Crisis Administration warned of significant rains in parts of southern China from August 1 to August 6.

In the meantime, a current obtaining with suppliers of Chinese corn is deepening fears about a doable food items disaster in China. In early July, a video revealing corn quality problems in the Zhaodong Depot, which is a direct deposit warehouse branch of the China Grain Reserves Corp. has been circulating on the web. The corn staying stored there can be “crushed involving fingers into powder, and there is a thick layer of dust and impurities on them.”

And we discuss with retired brigadier Typical Robert Spalding on China’s hostile politics against the United States.

These tales and a lot more in this episode of Crossroads.

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  1. Your the Best New Journalist and an Inspiration to help educate people seeking the Truth and Origins linking and explaining the East to the West !!! Bravo for Bravery ..Great Work Josh !!!!!! Blessings !!!!

  2. The injustice is being done by the CCP at the West Philippine Sea. They are occupying Philippine territory and ramming the fishing boats of the Filipino fishermen. This is divine intervention.

  3. Monarchy of China ended when Qing dynasty was being selfish, while general public was starved and some had become cannibals! See the series Lost Kingdom on Netflix. See how China took over Tibet in Netflix “7 years in Tibet”. See Marco Polo on Netflix to check how Kublai Khan (grandson of Genghis Khan) was able to penetrate the China Wall. Fact that real China is within the wall (the reason why the wall was made), which was on banks of Yellow river. And outside the Nomads used to reside (now Mongolia), Xixiang province.

  4. I don’t know how America caused all these calamities in China. The U.S. is very dangerous, even destroying the weather conditions to foil China.

  5. Those earth metals essential to the alkaline metal is a factor worth considering and that’s causes distablization of the other elements resulting eradic climates because none of them hum it mentions in Apocalipsis are wrighten in the book of life 18:3 21:8 Apocalipsis

  6. That is why China and Putinville talk big and bad but not oonly do we have 3000 mph aircraft capable of engaging 20 plus targets and destroy them before they even know we are there but HARP can make weather we need to destablize rouge regimes without firing a shot.
    Saddens me how Trump States of ENRINCHSELFICA the former USA is becoming more like Russia China than what the USA stand for

  7. I'm confused it's the dog days and it's snowing so it's freezing or below? the fact that it's the hottest days the dog days is mentioned a couple of times but the temperature that it is while it's snowing is never mentioned how cold did it get as it was snowing I'm curious I'd like to know. How cold it got in June when it was snowing. Thank you.

  8. Oh, they will still serve that corn. Rotten or not. They will serve anything to the people. If they get sick, they don’t care. If a few die, no matter. They will pour chemicals on the foodstuffs to prolong the look of fresh.



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