Additional Future Important Storms… Energetic Sample, Massive Snowstorms, Significant Temperature

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A lot more Upcoming Key Storms… Active Pattern, Large Snowstorms, Severe Climate

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  2. Winter is done for the Eastern Pennsylvania and northwestern new Jersey area. My Mom had a neighbor spot a Robin in there back yard and also had other people around the Pocono area spot Robin's as well.
    No more big snowstorms for us this year. Just remember any big snowstorms predicted for the area is going to be another 3 foot of partly cloudy.

  3. I live in Colonial Park, a suburb of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on Friday morning at about 4:00 AM, we got slammed with heavy rain, it lasted about 45 minutes! Then the high winds kicked in immediately after!! We lost power for over an hour but it came back!!

  4. I'm not complaining, but being the ice bucket of America is getting old. Oklahoma and Arkansas and Missouri catch that icy crap with every storm this year. The jet stream needs to move around and share the glory. ?

  5. I think give or take the next 3 to 4 weeks possibly longer its going to be a lot of flip flopping with this cold and warm weather. I think we're now in Winter Battle Zone mode being we're so close to spring.

  6. I think we're heading for a springtime pattern. But we'll be tricked, after everything seems to thaw we'll have a major snowstorm in Wisconsin.

  7. I think we’ll see the South oscillate between spring-like weather and cold for the next month (which could include snow), but for the rest of the US, winter won’t be over for awhile longer.

  8. I live in Minnesota and we don’t usually see spring type weather until late March or April and these blizzard conditions were under right now you didn’t predict but you haven’t even mentioned our weather since December when we were really getting hammered with snow

  9. More days will trend warm to down right hot down here in SW Florida, but waves of cold will continue to oscillate with the warm until April.

  10. This weather here right now reminds me of March not February. March is when it starts breaking up and the temperatures fluctuate up and down until it settles down come April

  11. you need to know this…. the ocean water is rising 3 to 5 inches a day and the oceans warmer. this causes super cells. the earth is resetting now/ NASA announced years ago we moved into a mini ice age and then dropped the story ( no surprise ) the NAVY says by 2024 the ice wall around the earth will be down to the point where the 1 1/2 meter of water will spill over. this will build momentum and speed and hit every countys' coastline. all governemts are on a hush hush and rell no one, cause most of the land will be gone and they can not save everyone.. do they have arcs ? yes, bill gates bought 8% of newport news ship building and the arcs were done 2011. bill gates also bought the island of svaulnad and built a seed vault..unfortunately he did not count on the wall being down…a reset of the earth and the island going under water. so in all ….will this weather go away ? no ! do research and get of the coastlines. going on top of a mountain may not save you, cause the earth has gone into liquid faction. there are landslides. type in "extreme weather 2022" on you tube and keep up with what is going on a round the world cause if you dont see the whole picture, then it may screw you..have a nice day

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