A Selfie with Vincent

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A Selfie with Vincent

Lets face it Vincent is so famous now he doesn’t’ really need a last name. Which is part of the reason I became so upset with the selfie mosh pit activity in front of his very famous self portrait (which required some skill and effort to paint); now housed at the Musée d’Orsay, Paris.

And to quote my June 22nd Facebook post – "Nothing can prepare you for the tragedy of human conceit like a trip to a centre of the world art gallery that allows photography. I was certainly not ready and actually felt physically ill as I watched a stream of individuals selfie themselves in front of one of the most post-life-successful artists of all time. Of course a selfie with a self portrait – the irony is unbelievable! Upshot is that everything is experienced for the masses now, not via the work on the wall but the work as seen via the screen of their phone, with or without selfie. I know a lot has already been written on this but quite frankly I was floored! Suspect I do not have the strength for the big gallery in Paris.."

As an art gallery regular, meaning I attend about 3 to 5 opening nights a week in Sydney, or more, and being something of a museum veteran I was surprised I was taken aback by the behaviour. Here’s a re-edited version of the picture. It’s in the eyes, Vincent’s, her’s, the man on the right. She took so long to get her "perfect" shot, so I had plenty of time to get mine. Fair enough I suppose.

Fujifilm X-Pro1
XF18mmF2 R
ƒ/2.0 18.0 mm 1/125 1250iso

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