A Historic Warmth Wave Is Coming, Enormous Around the globe Impacts, Subsequent Storm Growing…

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In this online video we are chatting about a history breaking warmth wave, intense weather across the US, and the tropics!

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Historic Heat Wave: :00
Intense Climate Returns To The US: 3:12
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An Insane Tropical Update: 9:02
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  1. Why are tropical areas the same?
    Florida still feels hot and humid. Hasn’t gotten extremely hot. Low to mid 90s is normal here. 🙁

  2. Remember, after 90 degrees, hydrating won't do a thing. Get into shade/AC. There was a death at 85 degrees, heat stroke playing basketball. He was "hydrated". No hiking. Walk dogs at dawn/dusk.

  3. 🤣 welcome to Australia!
    We have humid summer, wet summer, fresh summer, and oven summer (regularly at or above 40°C).
    Our version of winter is basically other countries version of summer.
    You get used to the heat. But crikey you feel the cold here… IF it managed to even get properly cold. 🤷‍♀️

  4. don't wanna flex here in Thailand the blaze of wind make you feel like running in Titanic boiler room at 44C which is normal to us you have the death valley but we have death plane this blistering heat kill alot and always take homeless person or aged along with such heat and then after funeral the storm will hit like madly

  5. When I was in college (Graduated 2018) we had a speech class (To get us ready to talk to a LOT of people in a room; computer programmer students, all of us). Last speech we had to give was of our own choice, but we had to be passionate about our subject we chose. After the history my family has had and my own personal close-calls (Literal night before the college entrance exam I had to take had a tornado less than a mile from where I was living, and at night it was HORRIFYING), I chose to do a speech on tornado awareness, because a conversation my classmates had about the weather involved them saying "tornadoes don't happen around here". I told them my personal stories and they laughed… So I saved the big story that serves as an awareness lesson in my family; a constant reminder of how close we all came to not being here. I led up to the story in my speech by talking about the signs of a tornado, the safe places to go, the places to not go to unless it was your ONLY option, and then… The story. I brought to the speech a slideshow of personally collected photos and newspaper clippings, audio recordings from interviews I had with people who survived, and read off a play-by-play from a man with an old army radio that delivered news when connection in the area went down. By the end, my classmates openly apologized for laughing and were pretty shaken since they thought PA couldn't get tornadoes. I ended the speech with my grandfather's own words when I went through my first close-call with one, "Never say it won't, only wonder when and where".

    And then as we were wrapping up (I wasn't the last speech), phones were going off with tornado watches. When we got outside, the sheer timing of that ugly-black sky behind the main building. Main building wasn't safe so we all had no choice but to get to vehicles and get out of here (Main building told us, during severe storms, don't take shelter in there because there was way too many dangerous items in rooms above the bathrooms, and it was on top of a hill). Tornado didn't come near my home then, but one classmate wasn't so lucky; his home got hit, but luckily nobody was there since they had gone out to a Target to seek shelter (Mobile home with skirting missing is what they lived in, he was actually going to fix the skirting that day after classes).

    Every close-call is ingrained in my brain, but nothing is ingrained more than the speech I gave since it was very hard to get the words out talking about my family and how they survived the tornado outbreak of '85.

  6. just an FYI they were temperatures taken from tarmac with jet engines going off just like america THESE ARE FAKE READING!!!! UK had this SAME WEATHER IN THE SEVENTIES!!! GETTIN REAL DISGUSTED WITH LYING CLIMATE IDIOTS!!!!!!!



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