A Colossal Winter Storm Is Brewing ~ Quite Major Snow, Crippling Ice And Significant Weather

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  1. The weather panic is just ridiculous..buck up for crying out loud or do you need to climb into a fetal position in your safe space..IT'S CALLED WINTER.

  2. It's been a fascinating winter in Michigan. We are literally untouched by any of this. The grass is green, sky is blue. Light rains. Gentle breeze. I hate it.

  3. A very super duper rainstorm for the East Coast with a lot of wind, unless the storm happens to shift to our east just off the Coast to keep us on the cold side which will then give us a lot of snow.

  4. The WORD of the LORD SPOKE in said.. that the winters would get more worser.. as the years passes by.. next year much worse.. this summer great storms will hit n many different areas.. bigger hailstones basketball hailstones

  5. Noo, I have Covid and don't feel like shoveling deep snow. My town gives 10 hours after snow stops to have your sidewalks cleaned or you get a fine based on how much sidewalk you have and I have a corner lot. They don't joke about fines here. They really do fine you and dometimes put names in the paper too! I could find no one to shovel the other day after we had overnight snow, woman at town office said no there was no grace period for being sick. I could find no one to remove my snow in time and the 4 snow removal people she referred me to never, ever responded to my I was outside sick, shoveling and mad about it too. So no big snow now please. I'm sick and can't afford to pay a fine this month at all.

  6. Is this that epic winter storm out of the pet ? s showing a wintery landscape with the oil pump jack trickling oil into the gulf?

  7. I'm in Montana and its gotten Incredibly Disturbingly Warm for this time of the year. January and February are supposed to be our Coldest months with plenty of snow but as of the past few days and for the forseeable future its going to be pushing 50 + Degrees in NW Montana. I had over 2 feet of snow and now its going, going gone! Climate Change is indeed wrecking our planet and nation… Its going to Burn, Burn, Burn this Spring and Summer if not Allot Sooner with more Winter Fires to come to a Town Near You!! By the way, how come you NEVER really focus on The West Coast much less the Northern Rockes that much… I feel like your main focus is ALWAYS the East Coast, What gives?!?!?!


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