6 Working day SURVIVAL in Severe Weather conditions! (NO Food, NO Shelter) – complete film

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Getting you by means of the practical experience of 6 Working day Autumn Survival with Knife & Paracord Only*! We commence just 2 hours in advance of dawn… We will get to offer with severe rainfall lasting for times… Shelter & Hearth producing is essential, but will be challenging less than these conditions… With any luck ,, I can get some drinking water and foods in soon ample! Appreciate!
(* in case points would escalate into a serious survival situation, I did have some unexpected emergency provides with me: 1st aid, firesteel & headtorch)

TUNE IN upcoming week for an all-new 3-working day Redemption try! Julius will get dropped once more in this similar forest. He much better receives his raft heading and catches some fish! And Subscribe for the 60 working day Medieval Dwelling Expertise, continually being in the roundhouse! Take pleasure in!
New Uploads: SUNDAY’s 3pm ET (US) / 8pm (British isles) & 21.00u (Central Europe).

Support our Native WOODLAND CONSERVATION efforts! Im executing fundraising for our community conservation task, restoring indigenous woodland and bathroom in the river location of this online video. The fundraiser will be introduced during the 60 working day Medieval Dwelling Encounter! So, please stick to our channel & social media for additional details, coming before long!

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Video clip CHAPTERS:
:00 Intro
:56 Working day 1 – 2 Several hours ahead of sunset
3:35 Working day 2 – Undesirable temperature coming in
15:58 Working day 3 – Finding some meals
22:42 Day 4 – Fishing deal with craft & food items expedition
36:15 Day 5 – Fishing & survival raft
47:50 Day 6 – Dylan to the Rescue
54:37 Coming up! New 3 day Redemption

Easy Gefixt – Character, Survival, Trekking & Crafts:
You like the outside? Then this is the right spot!
We would like to convey you with us, as leisure or instruction, whether or not you are into climbing or survival, or someplace in-in between.
Numerous aspects will be lined: adventurous journeys into the wilderness, yard worries, shelter setting up, how to endure…, bushcraft skills, crafting of goods and considerably far more!

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  1. The complete film of my 6-day Survival Challenge (originally it was published in 4 parts). Recently I did a 3-Day Redemption adventure, dopped back in this area, basically continuing from where I left off in this video! Better get some raft and fishing action going! CHECK IT OUT HERE: . Enjoy!

  2. I've never had to forage for food and only had to collect water from natural sources a couple of times while wild camping. I got a bit stressed out a some point in the middle of the video when it occurred to me that you really were at the mercy of the elements and your survival skills. Daunting to a city boy like me, I can tell you. Excellent video and puts into perspective a lot of other vlogs that, while great, only ever really show the "glamourous" side of bushcrafting and survival. Congrats on your success!

  3. Tonite just found your video appreciate what you are doing .Enjoy your knowledge keep it going i will keep watching , a fan in America

  4. I am very grateful to you for your work. You really inspire.

    Separately, I want to mention how you lit a fire in the rain. And in this way !! Wow !!

    It's just unsurpassed!

    Greetings from Ukraine.

    Я дуже вдячний вам за вашу роботу. Ви справді надихаєте.

    Окремо хочу відзначити, як ви розводили багаття під дощем. Та ще й таким способом!! Вау!!

    Це просто неперевершено!

    Привіт із України.

  5. I liked this video, I do. But dudes Nooooooo, I want round house survival videooooo. I'm throwing my toy's all over the place in anticipation.

  6. I'm 15 min into this video and I'm already wincing looking at you trying to start that fire – oh man, I've been there.
    Good habit to take on is always have backups. Whenever I'm doing a bow drill, I always make at least two tinder bundles and at least double the firewood. I even make an extra board and drill if I have time before sunset.
    I live in a rainy country as well and these things happen more than often.
    One time I got so wiped from starting a bowdrill fire, I fell aleep righ after I started it, didn't add any firewood and it went out. Woke up in the middle of the night cold and confused 😅

  7. Beautiful editing by your new editor. Nicely done! Such a pleasure to watch… no taking the viewer out of the moment. Looks very professional…. and your SKILLS, Julius! Amazing. Utterly amazing. I love watching you do what you do.

  8. OOOO 3 day redemption attempt?! Yessss! Watching this in it's short form you really see how drained you are at the end of the 6 days, all the exertion with limited calories really tears away at you! The relief on pickup is amazing to see 🙂



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