5G Antenna shell science

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Weather conditions-evidence, withstands temperature fluctuations from -40˚C to 55˚C, nonetheless is extremely-light and sign-penetrable. Is it possible to generate a #5G antenna shell that’s all that and far more? And why do 4G indicators journey additional than 5G signals? #Huawei builds greater substance science through investigate. Learn a lot more about 5G: #5GGearUp


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  1. Enjoy cancer….
    Oh that's a conspiracy…..
    Oh…… I guess my FCC tech license is a conspiracy.

    When did the techs become less experienced than those shouting conspiracies theory s

  2. But I don’t want 5G I care about my kids, what about all those people concerned about cars speeding in their neighborhood where are you concerned citizens on this when you lr kids will be exposed to this 24/7 365 days a year weather you use it or not and their will be antennas and cell towers every direction you look. 0 safety testing no proof that it’s safe thousands of people opposed to it just basically being told too bad and still a they proceeded to put up 5g towers everywhere. Don’t fall for these videos on here calling people conspiracy theorist for not wanting 5G there is multiple reason besides health risk people don’t want 5G. This will effect jobs, cars

  3. End users don’t have to worry any of these, because it’s all incorporated in the world’s most advanced 5G systems. Go HUAWEI!



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