5 Stunning Temperature Moments Caught On Digital camera

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5 Surprising Weather Moments Caught On Digicam

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  1. The outline of that EF3 tornado funnel is so cleanly defined, it may be a single vortex funnel. There have been individuals who have not only survived what was apparently a single vortex tornado, but also at one point found themselves smack dab in the center of the apparent single vortex tornado, which was calmer by comparison, & where they could see the funnel wall spinning around them, all the way up to the sky, and writhing! That's completely different from multiple vortex wider tornadoes, where the multiple vortices are churning around each other in the funnel.

  2. From stolen content! This fella takes other peoples videos and uses them for his own views.. Scummy shit kicking thief.. Making money out of other people's misfortune and hard work…

  3. yeh, living in subtropical australia i can confirm those hail storms are no joke. i remember being in hospital when one hit. baseball sized hail stones collapsed the roof of the building i was in, dropped huge branches and whole trees and smashed almost every car window in the neighborhood. the roar of this beast was deafening. scariest noise i ever heard

  4. Iowa is home to some of the most powerful derechos on the planet and the one that hit them in 2020 and 2021 makes the 2018 one look like a summer shower. You can view them on YT.

  5. Its time to repent from wicked ways. God is angry with the way we live and these are His small signs as bigger ones are coming. Please let us seek the face of God Almighty our Creator and repent whole heartedly. No time to deceive God as He sees what is hidden in our hearts. satan or the devil with his agents can't see what is in a person's heart but God does. satan can only act on what we say with our mouths or even uses our gestures to attack us. God is eternal life whilst satan has no life at all. Doing God's will makes us live forever but following satan's wicked ways put in hell, brimstone, sulphur, ever burning furnace forever. I give all the glory to God Almighty.

  6. Do people like the narrator in this video or anyone at watchmojo have to take lessons to have this grating, irritating announcer voice when they speak or are they born with it?

  7. Oh man, those hailstones in Ipswich would've been painful if someone were to be caught out in the open. They'd probably have a few broken fingers trying to protect their head, lacerations and wicked bruising. Luckily that didn't happen.

  8. you know natural disasters are reminder from Allah so people repent

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  9. The landslide: when you encroach on forests and cut down all the trees for cooking fires and selling charcoal, this is what happens. People have tried to convince them to use solar and at least better ovens. They've even given them the ovens and supplies for free. The cooking fire smoke also causes serious lung issues. But they don't want to change. So enjoy the global warming with increased precipitation, erosion and landslides.

  10. I've seen it get pretty dark during a storms approach but that shit looked even too dark for that. Plus, it didn't mention that it ever actually did storm there. Was that really just a thunderstorm? Why wasn't there any video of that?

  11. To turn the sky that dark in mid afternoon, that my friends is no thunderstorm, that would be the Angel of Death taking up residence and settling in.

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  13. I hope there will be another eiposde and I hope it has video from the recent storm that happened in the southeast of South Dakot. That shit was insane. My phone said the wind was at 85-90 mph winds but, it was definitely stronger than that. A lot of places around where I worked including the one right next to us, had their roofs torn off. I'd seen pictures of a full sized camper being moved just by the force of the wind. Mother nature is terrifying but can also be so interesting and beautiful at the same time.



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