5 Monster Waves Caught On Camera

5 Monster Waves Caught On Camera 7

5 Monster Waves Caught On Camera

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  1. Makes you appreciate the bravery and stamina of those who choose a life at sea! Who bring us all the things we need or participate in the naval defense of their nations. Hats off ❤

  2. Man am I not scared of this. The only and most scary part for me just thinking about this (true respect to the people who do this type of stuff btw). Imagine if the ship just flipped over ??

  3. In the fall of 2020 I spent 3 days in 55 foot seas on board the NACC Argonaut in the Gulf of the Saint Lawrence while serving as one of her Engineering Officers. Closest I've felt to God in my life. Many safe returns fellow sailors ?

  4. I mean I have only been through the Atlantic in 80 ft and seeing this sent chills down my spine. The camera does not do the waves justice. They are much MUCH bugger in person.

  5. It’s insane to think how big and deep the ocean is that swells, even bigger than in this video, can happen out there. It’s terrifying. I give so much credit to these EMS vessels because id never be able to do that.

  6. My father was part of an operation to find a missing commercial flight near the philippines. There were survey vessels all over, he was a crew member in one of them. At the time they were looking for the missing plane remains, there was a huge storm (maybe it was a hurricane, I dont remember) that came also with big waves. He told me the waves were so big, their ships could be like 80% under water at times, and instruments would often get wiped by the waves. literally, there were rescue vessels for the rescue vessels for the survey vessels. The scariest part is that, some captains would often report false damaged structure just so they could avoid going into the storm. think about it, most of these people did those missions all the time, the fact that they started to refuse going into the storms says it all…

  7. Good review of just how massive and unpredictable ocean waves can be. The only thing I find disappointing was that the #1 "wave" was just a "weight distribution on ships is important" warning.

  8. What do these channels scour YouTube for other people's content ,mispronouncing every unfamiliar word and then make up a story so they can call it original and monetize it. There must be hundreds of these channels.

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