5 Mile Extreme Weather Test | Kingsong S20

5 miles extreme weather test with the Kingsong S20.

Hated every minute of getting wet…but worth it to see how she faired.

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  1. Man , You give these wheels a Real workout. I am surprised these companies give them to you ,Because I want to know ,they have been through(4 real) speedy feet test. Water resistant is very important. On my 16s ,i can't really take it out in the rain. The v12 is coming (I like your truthfulness and trust what you find out…….

  2. ??????????, Such an awesome video again, comparing the bad weather, and how the Electric Unicycles fares with it. Been watching your channel for a long time, God bless you and God bless England.

  3. Wow thank you for the effort to take the wheel out in that weather it was bad. That mud makes for a good workout and the tyre clearance looks solid. Tyre also clears really well if I compare that to the Sherman. Thank you again.

  4. You guys ain't shitting about the weather! You wouldn't catch me out walking, nevermind on a wheel. Gotta hand it to your dedication for doing the biz! ?

  5. I think we're being lied about range by some of the YouTube content creators to sell Wheels. People in the UK saying this thing only gets 30 Mi range, but others are saying you can get 60 miles out of it. Who's lying here?

  6. Редко комментирую ролики , но тут не могу удержаться)) Автору спасибо большое! Смотрел с удовольствием и интересом! Сам катаюсь на V11, но сейчас прям захотелось S20?! Спасибо!????

  7. Great, but mud guards are too close to the tire, easily get packed with mud. Also, it should be covered by much more smooth panels (inside), right now it will be terrible to clean it. Great video. I have V11.

  8. Great video Ian… your feet sure got soaking wet haha (Know any good shoe shops?) … You should have had Jon there, he would have been upside down in those mud puddles and made you feel better hahaha

  9. interresting and necessary test.
    The main question is – how looks condition of bearings, after wet riding ? Especially after longer time.
    s20 has hollow motor, know for multiple isseues with bearings.