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On October 26, 1989, I caught an uncomfortable, overnight bus from Istanbul to Selçuk. The next day, Friday the 27th, I caught a "dolmuş" (a shared mini bus) out to Ephesus – the ancient Greek city on the coast of Ionia. I have been back twice since then and it’s incredible to see how empty the site was back in 1989. These days it’s like fighting your way through a shopping mall. There was no one around to ask to take a shot of me at this UNESCO World Heritage Site, I resorted to doing an analogue selfie by resting my SLR on my camera bag, setting the mechanical timer and then scuttling as quick as I could to get into frame 🙂 The amphitheatre at Ephasus is magnificent; it has been much restored since this photo was taken.

35mm Pentax ME Super with 24mm lens.

Google Maps – in this 2015 image, that bad patch of seating behind me is further eroded, and the whole area is fenced off.

37.940677, 27.342402

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