&#39Terrifying working experience&#39: Non-necessary motorists asked to steer clear of Sierra as severe temperature proceeds

As folks describe working out of food items, h2o and gasoline, and currently being caught in risky, slippery targeted traffic, officers are asking to you should keep away from roads to and from the Tahoe region unless you are an crucial employee, like a food items supply truck driver.

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  1. Surrounded by snow and wood but worried about water. Whining about being stuck in the car for hours in a traffic jam. More children were diagnosed with some sort of deadly cancer today and they are sorry your little overpriced vacation got a little snow on it.

  2. Soooo, they visit the mountain forest in the middle of winter, then these Airbnb renters haven't stored up a weeks supply of food and firewood? They had to buy food and water from a "neighbor"? What a tragedy.

  3. Water rationing? 'Cause I was thinkin' if you melt the snow……. Since your stuck inside anyway you have the time to boil it properly if you think it necessary……….. Someone please correct me if i'm wrong so I don't accidentally kill myself thinking some nonsense!

  4. There is no such thing as a non-essential driver. Whatever a trucker is delivering, he is doing so to feed himself or his family. He’s delivering it to someone else who is willing and able to pay for it, whatever it is. The person who manufactured the item is also able to feed his family since someone purchased the item, no matter how “small, trivial, or essential”. So it is all essential. That’s the way commerce works. That’s the way business works. The concepts of essential vs non-essential is a communist idea. In a free market, all is essential as long as someone desires it a another person can produce or procure it. We need to stop using these terms of those who seek to enslave us.

  5. What did we LeArN HeRe BaY ArEa???

    -Prepare….. Store food and extra water….. means to heat and purify water…. Extra fuel components…..
    -Build survival skills….
    -StAy InSiDe…..
    -Most importantly…. stop thinking it's the cities responsibility or government…. to come and help you and your family …. Noone cares about you but you and your family….. stop depending on the system…. as doing so makes you part of the problem.

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