273*/365/2019 :: Selfie v7

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273*/365/2019 :: Selfie v7

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, Seongsan, Jeju Island, South Korea

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Seems like every album newly created, I will not run away with wifey’s selfie shot taking. It slowly becomes one of the mandate things to do while wifey doing her own selfie for the site photo taking to showcase her own little travel album.

Indeed what you see is correct, she got herself a gimbal. Due to the previous shaky videos experience during our previous trip. Initially we thought of borrowing if someone has it, people around us not really have the gear. So after number of asking around, ended up she made up her mind and gave me a little assignment, to review the current efficient gimbal as of today and finalize which one would suit us for her usage especially selfie (replacing the selfie stick and vlogging) also dive-in doing videography if possible.

Picked up a few brands and start doing review on different brands, and respective models themselves, to summarize which will be the best fit for our coming travel shot. So far what I’ve studied, the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 felt even more compact and space-saving is the main factor. Cause when come to travelling, space is always the main issue for both of us. As you know our theme apparels trying to match the itinerary especially on-site shooting, so with the latest and greatest Osmo Mobile 3 it has the very compact folding mechanism which makes it easy to put in her handbag also my top easy-access camera bag.

I always said “I am always got the lucky shot..” and I meant it, in my personal photography experience, sometimes I can design how to frame it in my mind but when comes to outdoor onsite experience, really depending on one thing. The weather, it is very crucial to me. I need the natural light source, as we don’t have the massive gears Speedlight flash reflective umbrella and similar relative products to produce artificial light when the sun hiding from the clouds. It will affect the photo quality significantly when the lights dimmer. Some might say you can do it in the photoshop, when you can pick up the perfect light on-site, why bother to do it after shot? To me, the natural light source still the best light source ever.

I love this photo, I mean entirely feeling. From her apparel, her expression, her posture and the backdrop, they blend in so well… I must say, credit goes to wifey for her apparels arrangement for every site she planned, I just try to match her color theme whenever it is possible. We have our own job scope when come to travel self-photography, from itinerary we picked, at times we need to shop around for the colour matching apparels, if we can’t find the match, we tried the closest and that’s part of our preparation before the actual days come.

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