25 Most Intense Climates And Locations On Earth

Nature can be quite extraordinary! In this listing, we concentration on a wide range of distinct meanings of severe, specifically the five wettest, driest, deepest, coldest, and hottest destinations on Earth. It’s tricky to fathom warmth at 160°Fahrenheit (71°C) or rainfall totaling up to 7 Significant Macs tall in just just one day – but it occurs! Check out out these extreme locations in our listing of the 25 most excessive climates and locations on Earth!

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It truly is tough to consider that these intense climates and spots exist:

Ureca, Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea – The wettest location in Africa
Cropp River – Wettest Location in New Zealand
Tutunendo – Wettest Put in Colombia
Cherrapunji – Wettest Put In northeastern India
Mawsynram, India – Wettest position in the globe
Death Valley, California, United states of america – North America’s driest place
Pelican Issue, Namibia
Aswan, Egypt
Atacama Desert, Chile
McMurdo Dry Valleys – Driest area on Earth
Litke Deep, Eurasian Basin, – Deepest stage in the Arctic Ocean
South Sandwich Trench – Deepest stage in the Southern Ocean
Sunda Trench – Deepest position in the Indian Ocean
Milwaukee Deep, Puerto Rico Trench – Deepest place in the Atlantic Ocean
Challenger Deep, Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean – Deepest place in all of the Earth
Klinck Exploration Station, Greenland – A person of Earth’s coldest spots
Verkhoyansk, Russia
Oymyakon, Russia – The coldest inhabited area on Earth
Mount McKinley, Alaska – Second coldest spot on Earth
Ridge between Dome Fuji & Dome Argus, Antarctica – The coldest temperature on record
Loss of life Valley, California, Usa – Hottest put in North America
El Azizia, Libya – Former most popular put on Earth
Turpan, China – Third most popular put on Earth
Queensland, Australia – Best location in Australia
Dasht-E Lut, Iran – Best position in the globe

Did you take pleasure in the music in this excessive climates and locations movie? It can be titled “Landing on a dark planet”.


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  1. Only a guy that doesn't understand the metric system says "11 thousand millimeters". That's like using a ruler to measure the length of a bridge.

  2. You don’t need to keep saying how many meters these things are you are tarnishing the quality of your writing just to be politically correct. You can simply say it in meters and put something on the screen about feet in parenthesis. I’m just letting you know this is poor quality and there’s a lot you can actually do to not be so repetitive and bla. Mix it up you know that’s part of good writing, abstraction. This isn’t your college class it’s entertainment you need to try a little bit harder

  3. Most Moroccan houses have no roof way up on the top you can climb up there by stairs and hang your laundry have a wedding spend the night Etc. My first summer in Morocco was the hottest on record and we had temperatures of 140 degrees Fahrenheit thank God it was dry all I needed was one fan in the house I was looking around area rugs and cooking hot meals but not here in Maine I would have died!

  4. so if it's all measured in Big Mac's ,there should be no reason for discrimination on imperial and metric measurements ,

    that will fix all the whining ass hats up i hope

  5. Death Valley twice? Why lie, I'm from California; and not even I dare to go to Death Valley even if I get to hear so much touristic promotion. Though any people say that California has great weather, they say that because they haven't been to Northern California yet. It's cloudy and cold for most of the year heer. I wish that I lived in Arizona or the Southeastern US instead. Great video.

  6. Yeah, I'm not trusting a guy who goes out to "Rough It" in the Wild, going through, rigorous feats, but then goes back to his Hotel at the end of the day, munching on crumpets and sipping tea… Just because I'm soon-to-be Prior Service (9.8.2008-9.8.2016), doesn't mean my intelligence and Situational Awareness [SA] are to be as well! I was Active Army for 3yrs, 3yrs Minnesota ARNG 2-147th AHB Air Assault/UH-60 Blackhawks Holman Filed, St. Paul.

    Now in my 2nd year of Inactive Ready Reserve [IRR]. MOS: 25U, Radio Troubleshooter and Network Associate. Civilian: NetAdmin/CCNA. So I'm a Nerd/Geek through & Through, but I'm also fit for getting through many environments/situations. I LOVE your guy's channel and anything fact-based 😀

  7. What's the background music? Dashe-e-lut may have reached 70*C but that's the surface the highest air temperature was 56.7*C in Furnace Creek,Death Valley CA, USA

  8. Death Valley is the hottest place in the world. Climatologists formally removed Libya. Turpan never received any record-breaking temps

  9. It was kind of annoying to have to hear all the metric versions for everything. The narrator seems to be American himself. I guess that's why he gave the Imperial measurement first. I guess I should count my blessings. Couldn't you make an international version for the non-Americans? lol And wouldn't centimeters be more equivalent to inches than MILLIMETERS?

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