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From Frankfurt, Debra and I travelled to Paris by train. We spent December 26-29, 1989 moving between various rooms of the Hôtel Cambrai which was a 5-minute walk from Gare du Nord train station. These two photos of us enjoying supper on our bed in our room on the top floor of the Cambrai were shot on the night of Friday, December 29. In the second photo you will see, to the left, that the cassettes were out and we were playing music. No doubt it was The Doors, as we had visitied Jim Morrison’s grave in Père Lachaise Cemetery two days earlier. On top of the cassette tapes you will also notice the camera pouch for my Minolta AF-Sv "talking camera" that I won on the Jim Hicks show on Radio 702 in 1984 – listen here to a tape recording of that win 🙂 Debra and I were almost penniless, and so it was the usual cold meat, pâté, cheese and baguettes for dinner. Over and above the beer and Champagne in the shots, chilling in the bidet we had another litre of beer, an extra bottle of cheap Champagne and 750ml of Sedgwick’s Old Brown Sherry 🙂 The in-room bidet, commode and shower are just out of shot in the tiled area to the left. Fine times. Top floor of the Hôtel Cambrai, 129 Bis, Boulevard de Magenta 75010 Paris, France, 1989-12-29

35mm <a href="" TARGET="_BLANK"Minolta AF-Sv with a 35 mm f2.8 lens.

Google Maps – We were on the fifth floor of the Hôtel Cambrai.
Hôtel Cambrai – the rooms look more bright and cheerful these days!

48.880925, 2.351665

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Extreme weather in several countries across the northern hemisphere

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