20150811&14k Me, miss G, Benedict Cumberbatch, his siggy, & siggy of Ciarán Hinds :D | The Barbican Centre, London, England

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20150811&14k Me, miss G, Benedict Cumberbatch, his siggy, & siggy of Ciarán Hinds :D | The Barbican Centre, London, England

I scored. :B

Fan report:

– February 9, 2015: I saw "The imitation game" and declared it Movie of the Year. 😀 My year-end review said:
"It has become very rare for me to fave a (non-documentary) film after only one viewing (or two… or 9000…), but I faved this before it was even over. It has… almost everything! 😀 (Including, but not limited to, Britishness, lolz, Aspie traits, feminism, nerd pride, gay pride, computers, that guy with the name that all the kids are going on about these days, god-stompin’, suicide, adorkability, and the best Oscar speech of 2015. ^_^ ) I went to see the movie because of my mild interest in computer history. (As I’ve said before, though I suck at computers I tend to like stories about them.) Within days, I became a Cumbercookie LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. o_O Then I dragged my mum along to my second viewing of ‘The imitation game’, and she loved it too… and has rewatched it. Twice. She virtually never rewatches any movie even once. Anyway… It turned out I had already seen about five of Benedict’s movies (the first one being ‘Creation’ in 2010!), but… I… kind of… sort of… otterly… failed to… remember him in them. *ERROR ERROR MEEEEEP BZZZZZZZZ BLAMMO* I was the last person in the world to get on that train. -_- Four or five ‘Sherlock’ marathons: Check."

– March 4: An idea struck – I should go to London to see him in "Hamlet". Sure, he wasn’t my hugest obsession ever, but he was in the holy movie "The imitation game", dammit! 😀 Plus I might become an even bigger fan later, and regret not going… The next day or so, I realized the "Hamlet" tix had been released a bazillion months ago, and had of course sold out immediately. I still wanted to go to London, hang out by the stage door, and hope for a real-life glimpse of him. Maybe… even… a… selfie… if he wanted to…

– August 7: I found me a "Hamlet" return ticket… hours before I left for London. 😀 I actually only had to try for a few hours in total…

– August 10: I saw Benedict IRL for the first time, after waiting by the stage door with a few million other people. 😀 He wrote a shit ton of siggies… in spite of signs on the wall saying that he wouldn’t sign stuff! I had a good spot on the barricade, but in the chaos I missed my chance to get a selfie. Young week was young, however…

– August 11: Selfie. 😀
Benedict (paraphrased): "Oh, did you want one?"
Me (one hopes): "YES PLEASE, KINDEST SIR! 😀 "
Me (quite possibly): [CHEWBACCANOISES]
Me brain: *brainsplodes*
Me: *sucks at selfies* (since before brainsplode, you understand)
I had met miss G while we were queueing for various things. It looks exactly as if I’m PHOTOBOMBING her and Benedict, but I’m pretty sure you can’t photobomb your own picture. 😀 (How lucky, since Benedict founded the International Society Against Photobombing. #waitwat)

– August 12: "Hamlet". 😀 I understood the dialogue perfectly!

– August 13: I was slingin’ the DVD cover of "The imitation game", hoping to get it signed.
Benedict: "Only Hamlet stuff, sorry!"
This was unsurprising, really… I should just have tried with my ticket right away, as I had seen similar policies at certain other ultra-popular stage doors! (I believe the purpose is to deter siggy hunters from E-bay, which is of course a pretty good idea.) But hey… HE TALKED TO ME! Again. 😀

– August 14: Siggy on my ticket. 😀 I was just using my "Hamlet" programme to support the flimsy little ticket (which had been signed by Ciarán Hinds the previous day), but in the stagedoor chaos, Benedict started signing the programme. However (being a PICKY FUCK), I’d rather have the ticket signed… for reasons…! I’M SORREH, BENEDICT! :B Luckily, there was time to react!
The lone B later found a good home with Carro, who couldn’t be there. :'(

– August 15: I and a bunch of people waited by the stage door again, in spite of… signs on the wall saying that he wouldn’t come out today. This time the signs turned out to be true, but… it had been worth a try. :B (I would have gone for a handshake that day!) Plus I met a very nice Cumbercookie – a Stockholm lady who inspired me to want to visit the Galápagos Islands some time. 😀 (So, ahem… stay tuned for… a few years.) And… she happened to have a SUPER-EPIC Benedict encounter two days later. :O (Thanks to advice from me, she claims… :B ) "He was ridiculously nice!" All who knew her died of envy. xD

Some other stuff happened in London too… Such as:
– Interactions with other actors from "Hamlet" 🙂
– Another play, "Everyman", starring Chiwetel Eijofor
– My first visit to the amazeballz Hunterian Museum :O
– A ton of nice food
– A bit of "Sherlock"-touristing :B
– And… I was going to see Imelda Staunton and Lara Pulver in a play called "Gypsy" on the 14th, but I actually skipped that for an extra chance to get Benedict’s siggy. And of course that worked out well…! :B

Hopefully I will get around to uploading a couple of the above things WITHIN ANOTHER 8 MONTHS! 😀

Vegan FAQ! 🙂

The Web Site the Meat Industry Doesn’t Want You to See.

Please watch Earthlings.

Note to self: On 28-Apr-2016, this became the 500th item in my "Favorited thrice or more" album! 😀

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