20 Times Mother Nature Got Angry On Camera

20 Times Mother Nature Got Angry On Camera 7

When the camera is on you, it’s best not to act up unless you want your raging face becoming some kind of embarrassing meme all over the internet. But nature doesn’t seem to care. Mother Nature will get in a pretty intense rage sometimes and she doesn’t care who’s looking. Or if she destroys an entire city or something. From the horrific Tsunami to Japan’s deadly earthquake, here’s 20 Times Mother Nature Got Angry On Camera

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  1. os impactos dos desastres naturais na habitação e no deslocamento podem ser significativos e duradouros, tornando importante priorizar soluções habitacionais seguras e sustentáveis.

  2. I find it very off-putting when the narrator is LAUGHING through every sentence while describing life-taking tradgedies. NOT AT ALL PROFFESSIONAL OR APPROPRIATE!

  3. i hate videos where some guy commentates on it.
    i wanna see the action without some guy speaking over my shoulder.
    definitely won't recommend people this channel

  4. To spirit Lucifer speak in secret is bad my friends, bad days we'll inter may, strong winds, flooding, heavy rien, jerking to all part of the over the world. The work of Lucifer.

  5. @ 16:06. The man who owned the white farmhouse, with the nice view, had two rare Ferraris, and 3 Volvo P-1800's. All with nearly zero miles. his Ferraris were a Dino and a 365gtb. The Volvos are 2 coupes, and a rare wagon-type. All P-1800's. The water is so cold, I am sure the cars are salvageable.

  6. I hate commentary so much, I know now a days so many people are inept & can't use their brains to figure out what's happening. But damn it's so fuckin annoying. Shut up so we can enjoy the video without you babbling on & on. I leave every channel that has to much commentary because I'm not inept, can figure out what's happening & so I can actually enjoy the video

  7. Have we crossed the point of no return in terms of damaging the planet? There is no such point. We need to trust that our thought, which is our greatest quality, can change nature. We only need to understand the direction to which we should aim our thoughts. What should we think about? What condition or state should we aspire to and ask for?
    In order to save our planet, we should think about positive human connections. That is, how can we, in our connections, keep nature safe? How can we all together protect our world? If we truly wish to better our planet, then we should see people holding a concern for how to positively connect everywhere that we look.
    It has nothing to do with recycling or other activities that we commonly associate with as being sustainable. If we come closer to and consider each other, that we will reach an entirely organic, perfectly connected and round state, then the negative forces will disappear from the world.
    We need to understand that if we start thinking better about each other, then the planet will recover from all harm, because our thoughts are the strongest force in nature. Likewise, our negative thoughts about each other are entirely to blame for damaging the planet. That is why the more we recycle and invest in energies and activities that we commonly think of as being sustainable, the worse our planet becomes. Nothing will work to benefit us until we reach a state where our attitude changes toward each other for the better to protect and improve our planet.

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