20 Rogue Waves You Wouldn’t Believe If Not Filmed

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  1. By the way, the reason why the waves get so enormous in Nazaré, Portugal, is due to a massive deep-sea trench located just off the coast. This trench ascends sharply towards the shore at Nazaré, which is why the waves reach such remarkable heights

  2. How did you determine the parameters of the ranking? Seems a little unfair that a tsunami that killed thousands is lower on the list than cruise ship waves the passenger is laughing at.

  3. That one ship off south korea: I wonder if that was the sound of ripping welds…wrinkling bulkhead walls…very similar noise. Or it coulda just been some equipment n stuff falling, sliding where it ought notta be

  4. Unexpected wind and water is not confined to the sea. I was at a wedding in Minnesota field that got hit by a phenomenon known ad a derecho which is straight line winds accompanying a line of thunderstorms with winds as high as a cat 1 hurricane. The tent went airborne.

  5. Knowing this Actually happened is absolutely terrifying, real apocalyptic stuff😰 back in 1958 on July 9th, Alaska recorded a rouge wave that was measured to be around……🙈 1,700ft 😱

  6. Hardly any of these are rogue waves.
    Nazare regualarly breaks over 20ft as does mavericks. These are NOT rogue waves.
    Neither are tsunamis. Get your facts straight.

  7. My father was in the US Navy for 26 years. He joined as a Seaman recreuit a week after his 17th birthday. He rose in rank to Leiutenent Commander, which is ewuivalent tp Major in the Army ofr Air Force. He was aline officer and in the Navy, it is either up or out. Not many people can do that. He spent a lot of time at sea. I asked him what the biggest wave he had run into was. He said it was about a hundred feet. It was probably near a typhoon in the Pacific. Picture the USS Caine in The Caine Mutiny. Large ships get tossed around like that in the ocean. It takes an experienced crew to successfully traverse those waters. His fellow officers began telling the stories about the ships going up and down iin the water and avery time it started going down, the vomit would come up. You can see the ships' movement in these videos. When you are actually standing on the ship, it is like you are on an amusement ride, but it doesn;t stop and you can't get off.

  8. My husband just joined the ship today. He's been a Seaman for 40 yrs. A captain on a cargo ship no less. Yes, whatever happens on a ship, the captain is the one that either gets credit or blamed. I think he's a pretty brave man, too.

  9. I'm shocked the woman in the wedding dress didn't get dragged to the bottom of the sea, due to the weight of her dress. I can't even imagine how heavy the water would have made it. The Hand of God saved her that day for sure.

  10. Surfing 80-100 ft waves is simply evidence of the "jackass" mentality. Did these men risk their lives to save lives? Nope. Just so people would talk about them. This desperation is getting ridiculous. Frankly I'm sick of them and their fragile egos.

  11. Once I listened to a captain of a container freighter talking to some young women during a train ride.

    The memorable quote was

    "When you are in heavy sea on the bridge at the back of the ship and look forward over the rows and rows of containers, it is an impressive sight when you see the waves moving through the rows of containers".


    These giant ships are flexing going up and down the waves. The containers are separated by gaps of a hand ful of inches, easy to see.
    And when the ship bends up or down going through the trough or over the crest of a wave, these gaps close and open, and that width change wanders trough the containers.

  12. Nazare Portugal has off shore canyons that are conducive with extremely large waves. Water bunches up and pushes up to cause waves over 70’ high. It’s a site to behold, watching waves as tall as 12 story buildings and the crazy surfers 🏄‍♂️ riding them.

  13. My wedding day was definately the happiest day of my life. Now for the last 4 months, since my love had me served with divorce papers, each day has been the worst saddest days of my life with no happiness in sight, so beautiful, smart and was the best wife in the world and my best friend, so I thought anyway. Looking back it wasnt really worth it, maybe someday Ill change my mind, but I doubt it highly. So fricking painful, I would have done anything for her, but I cant be him / them now since there is more than one "other men ".. smh. Who would have thought a video like this would say anything about a wedding, thought I was safe.

  14. You know the good Lord did not make me a fish I love see the ocean but I do it on dry ground I love to see it on the TV because I cannot drink that much water I have a very healthy respect for the ocean😅😅😅

  15. The fact that there are humans in the world willing to put so much time and effort into creating weapons of mass destruction is really the saddest thing in the world.

  16. Unbelievably STUPID Bride and Groom, to go down onto the rocks for a photo! And how come the Groom was saved FIRST!? When the Bride was being weighed down by her Dress! Incredibly lucky they didn't both die. Please God these people don't have children.




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