20 Most Intense Climate Events Caught on Video

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There is only so much we can regulate in our life… And when some definitely crazy weather hits, I generally take it as a reminder for not only how minor I seriously can manage in daily life… But of the true and great electric power that mom nature retains around us all. From city crushing tsunamis, to hurricanes that produce record breaking waves, below are 20 Most Serious Temperature Occasions Caught on Video.

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  1. We are in the end of times. Repent. IF anyone wants to learn & hear I post bible scriptures. Plz more than welcome to see. God bless.

  2. It’s absolutely from the climate bombers that we have it’s not only going to be bad for us but what are we leaving our children with that’s what gets me

  3. I was directly in the path of the Tuscaloosa Alabama tornado on April 27, 2011 and it was absolutely terrifying. I lost everything. It was over a mile wide when it came to my neighborhood. Several people were killed in my area.
    Your description was accurate. Thank you for this video.

  4. When do you think there going to get it 🤔

    World Weather Millions are dying

    Why are they Dying 😳

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    Todays catastrophic Insurance Claims started about June 25 , 2012 . Went from Zero Billions of dollars to 560 Billion August 8 ,2012 . Roughly 44 Days .
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  5. People tgere gonna try to convince you tgere gods controlling this with the earthquakes etc but its false. Its a solar cycle. Makes People sick from radiation and the sun causes the weather illness etc. Then evil dust. They said God could see you. Tgen Santa could see you now government watches everything all the time. Vaxxed shortened your life. Fast chug water. Eat what you grow. Help eachother. Take care of eachother. Stop hate for tge small group who your told owes you cause we don't. Your adults. Take care of yourself and your own and protect the land thats yours. We need a rule everyone gets land nobody owns over 30 acres and there would still be enough everyone could live in one medium country. Stop this fighting and get rid of our owners. Dont ask for help be the help and if you can't don't blame anyine else. Ask a lefty ti raje care of you themselves not rob others money to pay for you. They do themselves. Everyone forward reposr.

  6. with katrina people were warned in lots of time, like every hurricane, to get out but like every person these days they either did not listen or have the attitude of it is not my responsibility to get myself out, i am not responsible for myself, i will sit right here till someone else comes and gets me it is someone elses job to come get my lazy ass. sorry but people were told for days upon days to get out, buses were taking people out, and yet still people sat around so no dont go blaming anyone else but the people.

  7. Slaves of the world its called weather modifications since the 1890's patents that the us holds to create climate change aka global warming in 2021 wake up dummies



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