20 Extreme Natural Disasters Caught On Camera

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Mother Nature is something we should all fear. The unpredictable force that is our own planet and its moods can turn a peaceful day into a total catastrophe in a matter of minutes. These days we are able to capture these scenes on video, so everyone can see just how truly awesome natural disasters can be, and it allows us all to reflect on the tragedy and maybe make us feel grateful that no matter what is going on, at least we aren’t staring at a huge avalanche or falling into a giant hole in the ground during an earthquake. From the storm that turned day to night to the terrifying tragedy of the 2011 tsunami, here’s 20 Extreme Natural Disasters Caught On Camera

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  2. #1 Mother Nature doesn't get "angry" That's a human emotion. #2 Beeping the words
    death or dying is insulting. Because of these disasters, people died. SAY IT. Denying
    those words is like saying their deaths mean nothing.

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  4. I'm not trying to race bait, but I am going to say this. It's amazing how you didn't mention one person dying with Hurricane Katrina, I wonder if that because 90% of the people that died and were misplaced were black. Every other storm that you mentioned you say how many people were misplaced and died, the only storm you didn't talk about people being misplaced and died from that storm was Katrina in New Orleans. Why is that

  5. You can't say "death/died" now?? That's so stupid…. rather loose the word "fuck". Mother nature is fine…. it's the stupid humans who are slowly un-learning language because they can't cope with how offensive it is.

  6. Climate change isn't happening. The average global temperatures hasn't changed in over 15 years. The whole hoax is so your government can steal your tax dollars. Stop being suckers and learn something.

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  8. Love your videos but the beeping out kinda ruins it need to find different words to use cant speak for others but it makes me not wanna watch just ruins the video so much

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  10. You dont need to blame everything on global warming, its ok to say that extreme weather just happens sometimes, you don't need to (wrongfully anyway) blame humanity for everything.


  12. The strongest earthquake I heard about in my lifetime was in Alaska, early 1900s, registering in at 9.5 I believe. They speak about the Japan earthquake that was a 9.2 so NOT the strongest in the world as mentioned in this video. The Japan earthquake had gigantic debris fields that even NASA was tracking, 1 Debris field was 1200 miles in size



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