2 DAYS WINTER OVERNIGHT – Hot Tent, Thunderstorm Extreme Weather Bushcraft Camping

I went to beautiful mountain lake in central Croatia with my dog for overnighter and during the night thunderstorm hit us and we used One Tigris Rockstead hot tent with titanium stove. we ate some good food, had ASMR feeling out there, and my belgian malinois was crazy as always. I hope you will like it, so stay tuned!


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Dog: Belgian Malinois – DON’T BE CRAZY, DON’T GET THAT DOG!!!







Tent Winnerwell Titanium Stove:

Cairo’s bed:

One Tigris Tent:

One Tigris bath tub:

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  1. I really eant to try some of those "sausages" (i cant recall what you called them). The looked absolutely delicious. My town happens to have a lot of foreign food shops, thanks to a large university. eEen though most lean towards asian cuisine, there's a chance I just might be able to find these….

  2. didi you never see the V8 RAM parked in the background.. my favourite is a pomoly hut 70 chinese stove 2kg .. that is it perfect 😉 very good video

  3. Hello from Good Hope Georgia. I must say you put a different spin on your bushcraft videos which is refreshing. You make me laugh and put fun in what you do. Thanks for the perfect video. Please keep the coming!! One question where did you get your chest pack? Thanks!!!

  4. A rock carrying doggo ? quick info: lighting can go from ground to the sky, so staying close to trees is much more dangerous as it's roots act like a multi prong antenna

  5. Greetings from Colombia, your channel is very vacant, but a question because you always present cooking recipes, bushcraft goes further, I make myself understood. everyone knows how to make anything to eat. do other things. thanks for answering.

  6. Well it’s 3am and couldn’t sleep so I’m doing the next best thing watching your videos which I truly enjoy ?. I love watching your dog especially seeing him carry those rocks and sticks. Stay safe you two……Sandy

  7. Hello from Vorarlberg Austria ??
    I would love to be able to use a hot tent but the thing is it's illegal to camp with a tent in the woods here ? that isn't the case if it's your forest but most of us can't afford one ??
    Kind regards Leopold ?


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