1st ever pink intense heat warning issued in British isles as Europe strike by heatwave – BBC News

A purple intense coronary heart warning has been issued for the initial time by the United kingdom Fulfilled Workplace for areas of England, indicating a chance to everyday living is probably as temperatures could strike 40C (104F).

It points to there getting a danger to lifestyle, with the risk of sickness not constrained to susceptible persons.

In Europe, the heatwave is fuelling wildfires in Portugal, France and Spain.

Professionals say heatwaves are becoming extra frequent and serious because of climate alter.

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  2. The earth has more co2 and methane in it and In the ocean to kill us 100x times over ? driving cars and building things for less than 120 years doesn't cause the earth to change like this the earth is ever changing and shifting on its own don't fall for the lies and carbon taxes it's all a scam the earth will do what it wants nothing will do or don't do will change it yes we should care for the environment and the animals and protect them but governments and paid for scientist making you feel bad for using the products that they created is a scam they just want more control and more money taxes for even the c02 you exhale I wish I was joking about that but the WEF has proposed this along with the U.N. this is not a joke you can look it up

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  4. I lived in Spain for years andwas shocked at the bling ignorance of tourists mostly from SEEngland. Kds out on the beach burning their feet with no hats, uncovered bodies anddrunk coupkes frying on the beach like sausages. Also theywere walking aroundthe malls in this very Catholic country with saggy boobs in bikini tops hanging out and huge beer bellies on show,. Go cockneys.

  5. Down under here in Oz I live in in North central Victoria which is South Eastern Australia. We used to have very hot summers with many days of 40+ but the last few years we have been getting just a couple of days above 40. it used to be brown and dry but now it is completely green. I dont remember ever getting so much rain, my 22,000 litre water tank is forever overflowing. We just had three rain systems in a row, the water wont even sink in now in my backyard. It just floats on top and every where you walk its squish squish. I cant spray the weeds which are everywhere because you need at least 24 hours before the next rain but the next rain is always not far away. although I like moss so theres that.

  6. Weak heat waves compared to the pharaonic heat waves in Egypt and Nubia. How did you build the pyramids if the weak heat waves in Europe are already qilling you??

  7. coming from england, many people still have the idea that england is always wet and dreery. I remember it, until 2017 when it snowed so much the roads shut down, and the sun in the summer reached 25 C – We went to Canada, Kelowna if anyone knows the place, it's for Canada, the opposite of the stereotype as it is a subdesert town with rattlesnakes – the taxi driver told us it can reach 40 and we thought it was incredible. That summer, it reached 47 Degrees Celsius. We did not have air conditioning. Talking to friends back home in the UK, I feel sorry for them, as they are all in the same boat now – all I can do is advise them the best way to stay safe

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  9. We have the prerequisites technologies to enable us build gravitation electric power stations for families globally. Gravity remains the infinite energy for gravitation electric power stations. This will change how we construct our houses. We don't need to be reliant only on gass, solar or wind generators for our alternative energy source.

  10. Uh look can you shut up now , we dont want xnh more hot heat weather. Its lovely dont get me wronge but its too hot & we dont need anymore. We need a not more breeze.

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