15 Most Extreme Weather conditions Gatherings Caught On Video clip

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Weather events can be breathtakingly beautiful, but also incredibly violent and damaging. And quite significantly anything in amongst. Weather conditions can change in a make any difference of seconds and adjust your lifetime without end. Historic people today assumed that the gods talked to us by means of the temperature, and it is easy to realize why! From a large snake in the sky to the deadliest summer time in record, listed here are the 15 Most Intense Weather Functions Caught On Video clip.

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  1. Hey there everyone! We had to remove #4 on the list due to copyright reasons, which is why you wont be seeing topic #4 on the list. Either how, thank you all for the consistent support!

  2. New Orleans was devastated by hurricane Katrina because the levies were in desperate need of repair ,and the governor procrastinated on getting them fixed ,and they broke from the pressure of water from the hurricane. It would not have been as devastating if the levies were functioning hey way they should

  3. Had to comment after Canada. I've been through massive blizzards and snow storms in MN. Duluth area and Detroit Lakes and all in between.

  4. The Tuscaloosa tornado did way more damage than this leads u to believe and there were FAR MORE deaths than what is recorded and it cleared out several cities as in the whole thing just wiped the clean out

  5. the raising of the dead
    The blood was in Jesus
    Now Jesus has spread the blood
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    The truth
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    The test
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    And the great meltdown

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    God is awakening the 60-70 percent
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    Just have faith in him
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    It will get worse before it gets better
    There will be many countries
    This year struggling
    Tidal waives
    Intense heat
    You name it
    The angels will bring it all
    They may even crack the fault line
    Big trouble
    How do I know
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    see it all happen
    I’m here to help you all
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  6. Would have been better without the drama queen narrative with some actual factual information without the 11yr old dramatic effects.

  7. This is why you don’t want a house ON THE BEACH! All those dummy women who tell their husband they want to live on a carribean island ON THE BEACH! I wonder sometime if they’ve ever heard of all the catastrophic things that happen ON THE BEACH! Get a house with a distant view it’s much cheaper and much safer! Insurance is way out of sight! That’s why! Duh!

  8. If u know anything about Florida, u would know that very few homes have a basement. The ground is too saturated with water to be able to dig deep enough for a basement….

  9. My friend lived in Cullman Alabama during the super outbreak. Losing contact with her for several days was the scariest thing ever. Last thing I got from her before she went quiet was a picture of the tornado bearing down on her town. The towers went down after that and she had to go to shelter. I'd already had a healthy fear of tornados before and even been in one up in New England (NOT FUN) but that was beyond terrifying. Don't think I'll ever forget that little photo coming across my screen, or the terror as I sat in front of the TV and listened to them list damages and deaths in the area. She's got some PTSD from it too, as far as I know. Never fuck with tornados

  10. Your description of an Alberta blizzard is grossly exaggerated.
    It sounded like you were talking about lake effect snow falls, which don’t happen here.

    Maybe check out the snow storms around the Great Lakes instead.

  11. winds as fast as 19 miles per hour? the hell? a winter blizzard here can easily reach 30-35mph. causes incredible windchill issues (Ive witnessed nearly -50c after windchill was factored in) here a few times, and -35 to -40 is relatively common in feb/march. Well, prior to the last few years – with climate change issues, the winters have been less extremely cold, and for shorter periods, since maybe 2017 or so




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