15 Minutes of Serious Weather Moments Response!! | Office environment BLOKES Respond!!

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  1. Flash flooding occurs when the ground is particularly dry and then you have a torrential downpour. The ground can't absorb the water fast enough so the water runs down hill. They are very dangerous but short lived

  2. You're actually mostly seeing the dust cloud of that tornado. The vortex is inside the dust cloud, probably spinning very fast.

  3. Flew over a hurricane traveling from Atlanta to Cancun. It travelled through the Gulf of Mexico and stayed powerful all the way through GA, TN & KY. We came home 4 days later to a damaged home and no power just north of Atlanta.

  4. Some of this was pretty week. The U.S. has, at least, 10 storms a year, that are worse than any of these. That Greek flood was a heavy rain where I live, and that Chinese tornado is a regular Tuesday in Oklahoma.

  5. We get supercell thunderstorms all of the time during storm season with the ferocity of the Bonus footage. But of course we are right above Texas and actually in 2007 we got an inland hurricane with the remnants of Tropical Storm Erin.

  6. hi guys. I actually thought that tornado in China looked more like a sand or dust storm as well. Never saw a tornado turning that slowly. Mother Nature is something huh? Got something for you to check out. Don't think you've done it. It's called Why You Won't Survive Navy SEAL Training". Hope you enjoy. Also here is a bit from Ron White called the reason we buy women diamonds.

  7. There is a really good video from Hurricane Michael where you can see the eye from the ground. Bright sunny day, with a WALL of thunderstorms in every direction, like a massive stadium.

    It is arguably the most terrifying sunny day you can ever experience, because you know that in mere minutes you're back into the 145+ mph winds.

  8. Most amazing carrier landing video I've seen was from an F/A-18 landing on a carrier in the middle of a sandstorm. About one second before he touched down, the carrier became visible.

  9. 8:00 Giant supercell with a rotating meso, and a torando within the rotating meso. (whole supercell is not a tornado) I saw no debris cloud… Hence: Most of the damage in this video is from a microburst, or straight line winds…

  10. I feel like you can get a flashflood anywhere that can get a sudden heavy rainstorm and the water can easily gather to one area. In Arizona there can be sudden rainstorms that are extremely heavy and if your in the wrong area at the time there's a possibility that you'll have to call 911 for assistance or hope that there's someone nearby that can help get you out. (I've seen them knock a powerline down, so its always best to call 911)

  11. that same dust-storm blew threw Lubbock, Tx, while I was up there. It was the largest seen in many decades and the worst part was the rain that came after………with dust still in the air, instead of waterdrops….it was raining mud.

  12. The "tornado" was actually a very large rotating wall cloud, which can produce tornadoes, but is not one itself. If you look, you can see a strip of sky between the ground and clouds. Just some useless info.

  13. If a tornado looks like it’s not moving or that it’s not spinning fast, RUN. That means it’s coming right at you. If you can’t see it moving from one side to the other it’s headed right at you and you probably have very little time to get away.

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