12 Minutes of Extreme Lightning Strikes

12 Minutes of Extreme Lightning Strikes 7

12 Minutes of Extreme Lightning Strikes

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  1. I remember one time not so long ago me and my grandma and sisters came back from a party and there was a thunderstorm alert warning but we had to drive back home but we got lost but while finding the way back there was lighting that hit close to us which my grandma could've went blind and it was really loud

  2. It was sunny on june 12th 2023, it was so hot and it was 33°C/18°C, then at 4 P.M a shelf arcus cloud was formed ,and it wasn't dark, then at 5P.M it was dark ,then at 6 P.M there were a loud thunder, then it was raining from light to hard ,i was at home with my mom, brother, sister, i was looking at parkour tutorials on computer and it during this hard rain there were a thunder clap loudly, then at 7P.M ,the severe thunderstorm was over ,i meant it stopped and i was fine, and i saw in the balcony it was really wet , then at 8 P.M it the road dried quickly and today i'm telling myself , how didn't i think about to record that severe thunderstorm that day ,anyways ,i liked that severe thunderstorm and i'm 14 years old 🙂 .

  3. I remember the first time as a kid a heard a lightning strike that sounded close that made me jump. The same thing happened right now as I'm watching this vid. I never took the window fan out as fast as I did in that moment. Lightning is fascinating. Wish I could see the bolt.

  4. I was hit with stray voltage from a lightning strike on a tree outside our kitchen window. I had just rinsed a dish and was still at the sink when the oak tree outside was hit (shattered the oak tree). The voltage then came through our water pipes (back in the 70's in the South most water pipes were metal), through the faucet and leapt to my wristwatch, knocking me about 6 ft across the kitchen. I landed on my butt and was naturally in shock (no pun intended). I think I cried for almost an hour because I was there alone at the time and it was a very frightening experience. It did something to me because nowadays, I can drain a watch or cellphone battery in a short time just by proximity. I don't know why. It seems unbelievable but it happens.

  5. Wow, so much talking. I didn't know if I was watching a video of lightning or lightning to a vlog! Such a shame. Are all your videos like this?

Sunrise 26


Selfie with Grandma and cousin. #family #cousin #grandma #travel #hawaii #usa #selfie #家人 #妹妹 #外婆 #旅行 #夏威夷 #美国 #自拍 27

Selfie with Grandma and cousin. #family #cousin #grandma #travel #hawaii #usa #selfie #家人 #妹妹 #外婆 #旅行 #夏威夷 #美国 #自拍