100 SCARIEST Storm Moments In Europe

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In this video, we have a look at some incredible clips of storm moments from all over Europe.

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  1. Este video es un poderoso testimonio de la resiliencia de la naturaleza misma. Es notable ver cómo los ecosistemas se recuperan y prosperan después de los devastadores desastres naturales.

  2. Hello just a heads up a tornado usually comes from a big thunderstorms. And only comes from clouds. If it forms from the ground then that is not a tornado its most likely a dust devil

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  4. seen a whirlwind form once as a kid in front of my parents house. was weird to see the few clouds circling on a near clear sky. 1 moment you could still see a big building in the distance and the next moment it was gone behind a column of a whirlwind. beside a very few roof tiles in the street there was no damage in our street. a friend of a friend made the news by trying to cycle through a whirlwind and he got tossed in a ditch by it (was a sort of hold my beer thing). witnessed quite some extreme weather events in almost 36 years so far. the whirlwind and the evening with a crazy amount of non stop lightnings lightning up the sky (no thunder etc) followed by hailstones of 2~3 cm are the most impressive ones so far. (the lightning/hail thing was the same storm a friend got hit by in France where the hailstones ended up going through the roof of the caravan, ours on the driveway was "only" turned into a puff pancake plate)

  5. Most of those skinny little tornadoes aren't scary at all. The ones that are scary are ones that get thick really quickly, then split into like 5 more tornadoes and run across the state at 80 mph while causing F3 damage. Well, there was like one video about that, but it was still scary.




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