10 Shocking Natural Disasters Caught On Camera

10 Shocking Natural Disasters Caught On Camera 7

10 Shocking Natural Disasters Caught On Camera

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  1. Here is an excerpt of my insights from 75 years of life and the last 35 of them in the subject:

    Collective Neurosis (Wolfgang Heuer, 2023)

    The cause of civilisation / "high culture" and all its undesirable developments / deficiencies in civilised society is "The (THE) disease of society" (Kütemeyer, Fromm, Krishnamurti, et al.), a "collective neurosis" (Fromm, Frankl, Bodamer, Meves, etc.), as the (generic) term in sociology goes; a mass trauma-consequence disorder of the non-material soul – not of the material "psyche", as psychiatry calls the object of its work.

    Unfortunately, most of those who know about (Collective) Neurosis are, for reasons of their own affliction/impairment, unable to recognise the true extent of the problem.

    The very few truthful descriptions / expertises were / are ignored, concealed, denied or the authors discredited for the same reason.

    The fear of truth is pathological (neurotic), but can – and must (for healing) – be overcome.

    Collective neuroses consist of the individual neuroses of the (majority of) members of the – respective, meant – collective.

    I understand neurosis primarily as the state between psychological injury / traumatisation and fundamental, natural, healing.
    In reality, neurosis is much more than the conspicuous symptoms described in some publications.

    The greater part of the symptoms "hides" in the – alleged, supposed – "normality" of civilised society.
    The disease itself "hides" in the unconscious of the afflicted.

    In the state of neurosis, the soul – which I see as a purely energetic (non-material, subtle) living being – is in a kind of "retreat / protective posture", whereby its performance potential for the material (gross material) aspect of the human being is only available to a limited extent.

    The power potential of the soul essentially comprises TWO components:

    1.: (Universal) ENERGY (non-material, subtle, life-energy, power of love and peace, healing power, etc.)
    2.: (Universal) INFORMATION (intuitive insights, intuitions, hunches, divinations, guidance, etc.).

    If these components are lacking, no true life / being, no healthy development can take place – so that afflicted people also cannot truly (spiritually-soulfully) grow up.

    I see (collective) neurosis as the essential causal factor of all so-called "disorders" / "diseases" including the disturbance(s) of the capacities for true responsibility and real, human, relationships.

    Collective neuroses can escalate into "collective psychoses" such as war, civil war, uprisings, persecution, expulsion, terror(-ism), massacres, genocide, etc..

    The outbreak of Collective Neurosis >17,000 years ago (in presumably a group of orphaned traumatised children) led to loss of culture and the division of the afflicted into mainly 2 symptomatic groups:
    About 1% rather psychopathic, aggressive "enslavers" / exploiters / tyrants and
    Approximately 99% rather fearful mental enslavers.

    With continued non-recognition / non-healing, the afflicted population is threatened with extinction. We find corresponding warnings in the literature.

    We have been experiencing this worst of all diseases for >17,000 years – and are faced with the challenge of finally recognising it collectively and treading the path of fundamental, natural, healing.

    This requires intensive truthful education – and with increasing urgency; for the disease is growing exponentially.

    Read more: ( )

  2. We are in the end of times. Repent of your sins and turn to Jesus while there is still time. Jesus IS THE ONLY WAY as it states in the Holy Bible to receive eternal life. The signs are all here that He states in the Holy Bible. Pray, fast and serve others. In Romans, believe in your heart that Jesus is the Son of GOD and He died for your sins and rose on the third day and you will be saved. Return to GOD, The Only True GOD, The Creator of Heaven and earth. We are not promised another day on this earth. I'm here for any prayers.GOD bless you. Jesus loves you enough to give us time to turn to Him.

  3. I wish people would take climate change seriously! Most, if not all of these storms happened in the past 5yrs – along with the other extreme natural disasters Underworld has reported recently. Wake up, people! We have to protect our beautiful planet!

  4. i see these "disasters" as God punishing non-christians XD especially the asian countries such as china, for giving us the horrible corona virus XD grins i feel NO sympathy, hmmph!

  5. Disaster Stories:Waterspout
    Once, A guy named Jack decided to go on a motorboat,
    He was fine at that time, until He noticed dark clouds above him,
    As he noticed In the distance, a Funnel cloud touched on the

    Edit:If this gets likes I’m making Part 2

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