08-10-2020 Dewitt, Iowa – Intense Derecho Winds & Problems

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An incredibly harmful derecho impacted sections of jap Iowa into northern Illinois with winds over 100 mph. Dewitt, Iowa took a direct strike with downed electricity traces, trees, and injury to property. Hundreds of 1000’s of citizens are with no ability throughout the place.


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  2. Very similar to the one that tore apart southern Illinois in 2009. trees down across most all roads. We were without power for more than 3 weeks.

  3. The National Weather Service has issued a **Tornado Warning** for the following counties a Severe Thunderstorms can prouduce tornadoes.


    Tornado Warnings are issued until 5:45 p.m. Tornado damaging winds watch out rainfall and also impssible Calgary is moving at 15 km/h



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