?WHAT Transpired IN THE World on December 28-29, 2021?? Blizzard in Japan ? Harming tornadoes in United states.

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Storm in Manaus, Amazonas point out

Floods in the states of #SãoPaulo, #MinasGerais

Hefty blizzard on the coast of the Sea of Japan

Chilly wave in the city of #Hulunbuir, #InnerMongolia

An eruption on #VolcanDeFuego

#United states
A possible short tornado in #Bainbridge, #Georgia

Tornado in #Winfield, #Alabama

Flooding in #Jizan

Wildfires in #Chile

Thunderstorm produced by Channel Artwork Qualifications

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  2. I love global warming.
    Al gore the great saviour of the fragile earth said it would be like this.
    Al must be a apostle a blessing from god to lead the planet to safety just like the cross guard at the intersection of humanity protecting us all from global warming.

  3. Jumping into a Volcano is the perfect picture of what Hell will be like Forever & Ever & Ever… I used to be a homeless suicidal drug-addicted, murdering, gay, prostitute, with multiple personalities, because I was kidnapped for sex trafficking. I went to church for 50 years, but I was living as a complete Hypocrite in my private life due to my trauma, but then about 4.5 years ago I Listen to the N T. Bible in just "1 Day". 1st John 3:9-10 scared the Hell right out of me. It says: 9. No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God's seed remains in them, they cannot go on sinning, because they have been born of God. 10. This is how we KNOW who the children of God are and who the children of the Devil are!!! All of these End Times signs that are happening all around the world are Warnings that judgment is coming. In Mark 4 Jesus talks about the Parable of how 3 of the 4 Soils that were initially saved, didn't follow God to the very end, bec they love the things of this world. We need to Examine outself to see if we are truly in the faith, because God will even judge our Thoughts as well as our actions, motives, etc. For over 50 years all I had was a Mountain of excuses! Once I "Fully" Surrender my Entire Life over to Jesus, He instantly healed me from ALL: alcohol, anger, bitterness, depression, drugs, fear, greed, insecurity, porn, rebellion, rejection, sex, suicidal, unforgiveness, worldly entertainment, worry, yoga, etc. So if Jesus is willing and able to set anyone and everyone free from all their sins, if they'll just repent and live out the rest of their life in earth for the Greatest Commandment: to love the Lord your God with "ALL" our heart mind soul and strength. (that's not 95%!)
    If we won't be able to sin in heaven, why not practice now. If you don't want to worship Jesus now, then God won't let you worship Jesus forever in Heaven.

  4. Keep cursing ISRAEL and the Jews and more to COME. Malaysia is cursed NATION because the hatred for Yisrael and her ppl the Jews is beyond measure.

  5. Ut's global warming of course. A warmer atmosphere has more energy so therefore more destructive storms. A warmer ocean means more evaporation, more clouds and what goes up has to come down.
    Better get used to it because there is far worse to come as the earth becomes hotter.

  6. I hope people are stockpiling food for their family because 2022 is gonna wake a lot of people up. China is hoarding over 60% of the grains on the entire planet their government knows something is up. The reserve food supplies around the world are hitting a record low. with fertilizer production cut in half in most countries and china the worlds larges producer of Nitrogen refusing to export any big shipments. Lets just say a lot of 3rd world countries are literally going to starve to death if the don't mange decent food production this year.

  7. Trust in nothing but God almighty, who created this world, this universe, all of the heavens, and each one of us. He gets ALL of the glory and praise for His unbelievably amazing work! Trust in no other entities, because they are all lies. Test the spirits, as we are instructed by God. He does work with His holy angels, but remember that there are other types of angels and unclean spirits that we were taught to not be deceived by. We do have an instruction manual for our lives and salvation. It’s the Holy word of God almighty, the Bible.

    Jesus Christ is His son. Jesus came here to die for us because we are all sinners, have been since birth, and sin has to be judged and paid for. Since the way we suffer for our sins includes bearing the wrath of God forever in the lake of fire, God sent His ONLY Son to be born of a virgin, live a perfect sinless life, die the horrible death that WE DESERVED to die, was buried, and arose on the third day, with the keys to death and hell and all power and glory! He walked this earth 40 days witnessed by over 500 people and ascended from the Mount of Olives in front of many witnesses to the right hand of the Father in heaven! He is the ONLY way that we can be saved because of what He came here and accomplished, for us. There are no other religions, beliefs, or names by which any one can be saved except by the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth, and the life; no man comes to the Father except through Him! So if you believe in ANYTHING other than what I described here, please ask God Himself to help you. He will because He loves you!

    Read His word, test the spirits (match everything to God’s word, if they match, great! If not, turn away from it!), talk and pray to Him. Grow a true relationship with Jesus. Trust me, the last thing you ever want to hear on judgement day is the Judge of the universe, Jesus Christ, saying, “Depart from me you workers of lawlessness, for I never knew you!” And just going to church, doing good things, and being into religions and their rituals can never help you to get into heaven. Only having a real relationship with Jesus and being born again can get you past those pearly gates! Open your hearts, and ask Him to open your eyes! You must read His word to get to know God, the way He works, what He expects of us, who our enemy is, and how to protect ourselves. Satan will try to get you to quit, get you sidetracked to a lie, or come after you! But don’t worry, God protects His children! Ask yourselves why Christianity is becoming the most persecuted religion. Are worldwide Buddhists, Hindus, Jehovahs Witnesses, Mormons, Pagans, Satanists, Spiritualists, Wiccans, Catholics, and atheists being persecuted to extinction? No, they aren’t because they are no threat to satan’s agenda to get as many people as he can to be lost to eternal damnation alongside him and his minions. Why are Christians such a threat? Because we have the truth, the same truth that Jesus taught and gifted us, the gift of eternal salvation. Satan has already lost the war, so now he’s only trying to hurt God the only way he can, by hurting His creation and His children.

    I know that I am born again and saved! I will spend eternity in Heaven alongside my Father and family. I only wish for everyone’s salvation. Please, you don’t want to go to hell. It’s absolutely unbearable and it’ll never cease. It’s a thick darkness that can be felt. It’s hot. There’s no water, food, rest, hope, joy, peace, or love. Everything good is taken away from you. Whoever’s choosing hell will still be there in a million or a billion years! And don’t get it wrong, it’s a choice we make for ourselves. Hell was created for satan and his angels. God has never wanted any of us to go there! It’s the whole reason Jesus came and died for our sins! To save us! Everyone has the opportunity to be saved! But if you reject Jesus Christ, you are choosing to be away from His presence, love, and blessings. You will be choosing hell over the love, peace, and joy of Jesus! If you are in doubt, please humbly, sincerely, and most respectfully come to God and ask Him to show you the truth. You have to then have the courage to choose Jesus and live your life for God.

    Did you all know that Jesus is coming back to take His church out of this world? He’s doing that to protect us from undergoing the wrath of God on this world during the seven year tribulation period. There’s never been a time as horrific as that time, and it’s all told to us right there in God’s word! God has said that His children perish for lack of knowledge, and it’s true! How can we protect ourselves if we don’t know what’s happening around us? That’s one reason to read the Bible, it’s also what Satan does to get and keep you lost. He gets you to the wrong “church” or gives you a copy of the wrong “Bible.” It’s hard to mislead someone who knows what you’re doing. Educate yourselves! Listen to that small voice in your mind and heart that God out there so that we’d have a hunger to find Him and learn the truth! Please, do it for your eternity. We only have two choices for where we’re going to spend it, heaven or hell. There is no reincarnation, coming back as ghosts, annihilation, or afterlife without God. Don’t be deceived. Do the work. Research this stuff. Bring all questions to God. It’s worth it! I’m praying for you all!

  8. I think it was Mother Earth who said no and that we must take her seriously in 2022 and in the future !!
    She can destroy humanity whenever she wants but has given us a warning !!

  9. Esses desastres naturais sempre aconteceram.
    A grande diferença é que hoje temos milhares de canais sensacionalistas na Internet nos mostrando tudo o que acontece no mundo.
    Querem nos enganar, nos amedrontar, para aceitarmos os dsmonios comunistas globalistas nos matando com virus fabricado em laboratorio e vacinas veneno.
    Malditos sejam esses monstros comunistas globalistas MENTIROSOS.


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